NSP Instructors - Save the Date!
September 8th - 7th Annual NSP Instructor Continuing Education Clinic

Hosted by Eastern Sierra & Mother Load Regions
Event registration will begin August 1st
Sign up by August 15th to receive a special gift.
Look for more information in your email mid-July
Any questions contact Brian Haena
916-826-3899 or email
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OEC Classes - Summer / Fall 2018
Need to take an OEC class?
Click here to go to the OEC page and the list of the classes. Select the city near you and follow the link for date and time of that class.


ESR Winter Meeting Minutes -
Nov 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes


ESR meeting (Budget Meeting) will be Saturday July 21, 2018:
TIME: 9:00AM
WHERE: Kaiser Permanente Hospital building
1 Quality Drive, Building B, follow signage for room location
Vacaville, CA 95688

To support our patrollers transitioning to the NEW NSP website, the following short training videos, training documents, and webinars are available.

Please familiarize yourself with the NEW profile format and check that your information migrated from the old to the new system correctly. If there are errors in your profile, please contact
Bill Gibson with corrections that need to be made.

Please use the information below to access the tutorial videos, training scripts, and webinars for the NEW NSP website.

Patroller Profile tutorial 6:36 https://vimeo.com/174261416
Patrol Formation/Registration 4:24 https://vimeo.com/174343308
Course Creation tutorial 6:44 https://vimeo.com/168678256
Course Enrollment tutorial 4:15 https://vimeo.com/174343663
View Course Enrollment tutorial 2:11 https://vimeo.com/174343982
Cancel a Course tutorial 1:07 https://vimeo.com/174389582
Close a Course tutorial 3:10 https://vimeo.com/174389351

Patrol Representative
New Member Join Process

Katie DuMont
Regional Director