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The Senior Patroller Program is the next step beyond Basic Patroller. Achieving Senior Patroller status is the logical next step for those who want to achieve a higher level of patroller skills that will help make you a more confident and competent patroller on your hill.

The Senior Program consists of core and elective requirements that must be completed within three years of entering the Senior Program. To become a Senior Patroller, you must demonstrate advanced skills in skiing, toboggan handling, and emergency care. And you must broaden your skills by taking electives in areas such as avalanche awareness, mountain rescue, skiing enhancement, toboggan enhancement or becoming an instructor.

Becoming a Senior Patroller encompasses three categories:
Senior Emergency Management (formerly called Senior OEC)
- Focus on advanced scene management
- Tested at Senior Emergency Management (SEM) testing offered several times each winter and spring

Senior Skiing and Toboggan Handling
- Demonstrate advanced toboggan handling and skiing abilities
- Tested at Senior Ski & Toboggan Clinics at several resorts each season

Complete three electives to increase knowledge in various areas such as:
- Avalanche awareness
- Mountain rescue
- Skiing enhancement
- Toboggan enhancement
- Become an instructor

A Planning Strategy
Completing the Senior Patroller requirements takes a significant commitment of time and work. Most Senior patrollers recommend a two-year time frame:
Year 1:
- Refer to the Ski Patroller Manual (order from NSP) for a list of electives that meet Senior requirements. Finish off two of them. ID and AVI 1 are good candidates.
- Complete a Senior Ski & Toboggan Clinic
- Volunteer to act as a patient for SEM training during the year and at the SEM tests
Year 2:
- Complete the 3rd elective
- Participate in the SEM training and sign up for the SEM tests.

Go to: www.farwest.org, www.easternsierraregion.org and
www.motherloderegion.org for more calendar information

OK, So How Do I Become a Senior Patroller?

- Review the Senior Preparation Checklist
- Order The Ski Patroller Manual from NSP
- Get approval from your Patrol Director to participate in the Senior Program
- Get OEC skills and practice Senior scenarios signed off
- Track and get sign-offs for electives, SEM and Senior Ski and Toboggan
- Some excellent tips on preparing for the SEM

Why Become a Senior Patroller
("why should I do this"? "what's in it for me"?):

In addition to becoming a more confident and competent patroller, your patrol benefits as well. As a Senior, you’re part of the leadership in the patrol and help to build a solid base for the future.

If you have a need for a Senior Emergency Management (SEM) Clinic, a Senior Ski & Toboggan Clinic or help in setting up a Senior Training Program for your patrol, please contact ESR Senior Advisor
Inho Myong