ESR Awards Program Administrator-  Leilani Connolly

Welcome to the awards section of the Eastern Sierra Region website. My name is Leilani Connolly, and
I’m a forty-nine year member of the Heavenly Area ski patrol. After holding many of the offices
in our local patrol, and a few in the Eastern Sierra Region, too, I was encouraged to take on the
position of awards advisor, a positive job in which well-deserving patrollers are recognized for
their contributions to the National Ski Patrol.

It’s never too soon to recognize someone for their dedication to the NSP. Recognition by one’s
peers is a small payment for a large contribution of hours spent patrolling the ski slope,
teaching a class, or attending meetings. Behind each of the honorees listed below is a
patroller who took the time to sit down and write a nomination. Be that patroller!

NSP has two categories of awards, the outstanding awards (see the list below), and all others
such as national appointments, distinguished service awards, certificates of appreciation, merit
stars, angel pins, and service pins. Go to the NSP website, and download chapter 12 of the
Policies and Procedures Manual found under the Governance tab on the Member’s Resource
page. The criteria for each award is listed. To download nomination forms, go to Member
Resources, then Forms and Documents, and finally, Awards. Also, I can mail or email copies of
previous well-written nominations for you to use as examples.

Awards take a while to work themselves through the system as they are reviewed by a number
of people. Only outstanding award nominations have an absolute deadline (March 15 for ESR);
allow at least sixty days for all other nominations to be reviewed and approved.

Eastern Sierra Region Awards

Outstanding Administrative Patroller
Outstanding Alpine Patrol
Outstanding Alpine Patrol - Large
Outstanding Alpine Patrol – Small
Outstanding Alpine Patroller
Outstanding Auxiliary Patroller
Outstanding Instructor
Outstanding Nordic Patrol
Outstanding Nordic Patroller
Outstanding OEC Instructor
Outstanding Paid Patroller
Outstanding Patrol Representative
Outstanding Student Patroller

Awards History

Outstanding Administrative Patroller
1971 Tom Osborne
1972 David Blomquist
1976 Jim Hubbard
1979 Robert Hoffman
1980 Frank Mora
1981 Sam Housten
1982 Roland Barakett
1983 Bernon Gottlieb
1984 Jeff Gile
1985 Bill Boling
1986 Bobbie Head
1987 Frank Shoemaker
1988 Jack Brandon
1989 Jack Brandon
1990 Ralph Franzen
1991 Bill Hasssett
1992 Tim Stephens
2001 Janice Waits
2005 John Doolittle
2011 Dennis Griffiths
2012 Dennis Griffiths
2014 Joe Shaefer
2015 Nancy Stromswold (also FWD honoree)

Outstanding Alpine Patrol
1976 Skyline
1977 Skyline
1978 Alpine Meadows
1979 San Francisco/Alpine Mdws.
1980 San Francisco
1981 San Francisco
1982 Skyline/Alpine Meadows
1983 San Francisco/Squaw Valley
1984 Golden Gate
1985 East Bay
1987 San Francisco/Squaw Valley
1988 East Bay/Northstar
1989 Mauna Kea
1990 San Francisco/Squaw Valley
1991 North Bay
1992 North Bay
1993 San Francisco/Squaw Valley
1995 Sierra at Tahoe
1996 San Francisco/Squaw Valley
1997 San Francisco/Squaw Valley
1998 Tahoe Donner
2000 Diamond Peak
2001 Tahoe Donner
2002 San Francisco/Squaw Valley

Now awarded as Large or Small Alpine Patrol

Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol
2004 Squaw Valley
2005 Squaw Valley
2007 Squaw Valley
2009 Northstar
2010 Squaw Valley
2011 Northstar
2012 Northstar
2013 Northstar
2014 Heavenly Area Patrol
2015 Heavenly Area Patrol
2016 Heavenly Area Patrol

Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol
2003 Diamond Peak
2004 Homewood
2005 Homewood
2006 Diamond Peak
2007 Diamond Peak
2008 Diamond Peak
2010 Diamond Peak
2011 Diamond Peak
2012 Diamond Peak
2013 Diamond Peak
2014 Diamond Peak (also FWD and National honoree)
2015 Diamond Peak
2016 Homewood Volunteer Patrol (also FWD and National honoree)
2017 Diamond Peak

Outstanding Alpine Patroller
1971 Ed Cross
1972 David Patterson
1974 Mary Dean Patterson
1976 Frank Shoemaker
1977 Frank Mora
1978 Jeff Gile
1979 Bob Schroer
1980 Lawrence Bolander
1982 Ed Cross
1983 Don Shockey
1984 Chuck Bradford
1985 Ralph Franzen
1986 Norm Strobel
1987 Ralph Franzen
1988 William Hummer, Jr.
1989 Don Shockey
1990 Paul Peterson
1991 Susan Bors
1992 Glen Baker
1994 Tim O’Brien
1995 Fred Lamonica
1996 Fred Lamonica
1997 Dan Little
1998 Scott Cross
1999 Michiko Singletary
2000 James T. Cheng
2002 Lewie A. Webb
2003 Robert Heilig
2004 Bart Bechtel
2005 Ron Luschar
2006 Loretta Barranger
2007 Ron Luschar
2008 Dorothy Metcalf
2010 Thomas Sherry
2011 Gordon Meyer
2012 Collin Harris
2013 Joe Shaeffer
2015 Mark Kaminsky
2016 Kirk Ledbetter

Outstanding Instructor
1995 Jennifer Bryan
1996 Hugh Ham
1997 Bill Person
1998 Smith
1999 Ron Luschar
2000 Eric Chesnar
2001 R. Heilig
2002 Bart Bechtal
2003 Chris Webber
2004 Loretta Barranger
2005 Adams
2006 Joe Shaefer
2007 Devin Hiemstra
2008 Joe Shaeffer
2010 Jon Scarpa
2012 Paul Maccoux
2013 Jeff Ganyard
2014 Kathrine Rieger
2016 Kevin O’Neil

Outstanding Nordic Patrol
1998 Tahoe Backcountry
2001 Tahoe Backcountry
2005 Tahoe Backcountry
2006 Mammoth Basin
2007 Tahoe Backcountry
2009 Mammoth Basin
2010 Tahoe Backcountry
2012 Tahoe Backcountry
2013 Tahoe Backcountry

Outstanding Nordic Patroller
2000 Jeff Dean
2001 Jim Graf

Outstanding OEC Instructor
2009 Dorothy Metcalf
2010 Karen Trolan
2011 David Rozzi
2012 Chris Causey
2013 Devin Hiemstra
2015 Joe Shaefer
2016 David Stepner (also FWD and National honoree)
2017 Nancy Stromswold (also FWD and National honoree)

Outstanding Paid Patroller
1994 Thomas Miller
1995 Barry Tiemann
1996 Dennis Griffiths
2000 Ryan Lougeay
2001 Erik Knudson
2002 Martin Donahoe
2003 Russell Johnson
2004 Patrick Griffin
2005 Devin Hiemstra
2006 Patrick Griffin
2007 Donald Barrientos
2008 James Whitson
2009 Thomas Brokaw
2010 Patrick Griffin
2011 Lori Gunderson
2012 Catharine Rieger
2013 Lori Gunderson
2015 Kathrine Rieger
2016 Kathrine Rieger
2017 James Sindt (also FWD honoree and National runner-up)

Outstanding Patrol Representative
1997 Bernard Atkinson
1998 Leilani Connolly
1999 Jeremy Sommer
2000 Lewie Webb
2001 Walt Singletary
2002 Stuart Dunn
2004 Ron Luschar
2005 Loretta Barringer
2007 James T. Cheng
2008 Dennis Griffiths
2009 Michael Fanelli
2010 Michael Fanelli
2011 Michael Fanelli
2012 Michael Fanelli
2013 Wes Schimmelpfennig
2014 Drew Oliphant
2015 Drew Oliphant
2016 Drew Oliphant
2017 Keith Neergaard (also FWD and National honoree)

Outstanding Patroller (Auxiliary)
1979 Arnold Vasa
1980 Bob La Flamme
1982 Sally Robertson
1986 Sandra Beecher
1987 Bob Valcalda
1990 Caren Stephens
1992 Gregory Joe
1997 Eugania Rowe
1999 Eileen Whalen
2000 Bart Bechtel
2001 Virginia Nakada
2002 Eileen Whale
2007 Sheryl Leverington

Outstanding Young Adult Patroller
1978 Steve Tristand
1980 Chris Stark
1982 Bo Yule
1984 Richard Murphy
1987 Valery Mora
1989 Susanne Bock
1992 Fritz Herbert
2002 Alex Heilig
2005 Devin Hiernstra
2013 Esteban Valle (also FWD and National honoree)

Below is a sample of the awards your patrol or fellow patrollers can be awarded.